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Face Shields Available for $1.00


Curtis Packaging is manufacturing plastic face shields for the first time in our 175 years of operation. These face shields are made to service the medical professionals that are currently on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 virus.


Our face shields come in boxes of 150 units per box, and we are currently taking orders up to 1,000,000+ units. The minimum order quantity is 3 boxes (450 units).

CEO of a prominent New England Hospital Network: "I must say the design is simple yet elegant. I love the way the fold keeps the shield off the face nicely without requiring a foam strip across the forehead"

About Us

Curtis Packaging has been manufacturing paperboard folding cartons for 175 years. Based in Sandy Hook, CT, Curtis services the Golf Ball, Cosmetics, Liquor, Chocolates, and Medical industries and their secondary packaging needs.


Curtis is powered by 100% renewable energy and has a Carbon Neutral production facility. We use recyclable materials and are certified zero waste to landfill. To assist in combating the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have altered portions of our workflow to support the production of face shields.

Face Shield Design is Patent Pending
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Face Shield Highlights
  • Full facial coverage

  • Easy to assemble and adjust​

  • Made in a Carbon Neutral facility​

  • Ship to anywhere across the globe

  • Comfortable and convenient design​

  • Order any quantity​ from 450-1,000,000+

How to Assemble